About us

January 31, 2018

We’re a family with 3 high school children. We’re concerned about the world and astonished about the mess that people leave on our planet. From August 2018, we’ll travel for one year along the coast of Europe with our camper, bikes and SUP-boards.


Increasing awareness online and offline & remove trash as much as we can


Our biggest goals is increasing awareness of all the rubbish people leave behind. We’ll use social media by posting on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and this website¬†of the pollution we’ll find (and clean) on the beaches in EU, write columns, one of our children will make vlogs of our trip, film our trip (material for a documentary one day). Our goal is to show people they can also contribute to a better world by buying stuff with less environmental impact; sustainable clothing, biological food, using recycled stuff or second hand.